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Top 5 features to look for in dishwashers

If you are looking to buy a dishwasher whether it is a standard one or an undercounter dishwasher for your home or business then there are a number stainless-steel-washerof features that you need to look out for as you go about selecting the right one for you.  Some of the things to look out for include;

Energy efficiency
Thanks to the US governments energy star guideline it is very easy to see how much energy is consumed by household appliances as they chart the average amount of energy consumed by different brands of household appliances so it is as easy as looking at a chart to be able to determine where your device falls.  You want a washer that does not use a lot of power as this means that it will not heavily impact your power bills.

Noise level
This may not seem like a big deal but believe me it is, especially if you have a small kitchen or one that is near your living room. Generally most dishwashers nowadays will have a db rating, which is a measurement of how much noise the machine makes, of about 40 to 50 so the lower the value the better for you as this means it is more silent.

Most machines for doing dishes will usually be about 18 to 30 inches wide which will determine whether or not they will fit in your kitchen. If space is a priority for you then you are better of just going with a smaller size you can look at some of the most popular sizes at Also if you have a large family then a bigger size would be more suitable for you if you can fit it in your kitchen

In terms of features the more features that your dishwasher has the better but the most important features to look out for are the wash cycles, basins and dish racks and cleaning filters. This will determine how efficient your washer is in terms of the different cycles available giving you more options while the racks will allow you to have a wider variety of configurations  when filling dishes for washing.

Running cost
The running costs of your washer are how much it will cost you in terms of any repairs or servicing needs that may arise in the course of use. Where possible get a device with warranty on both parts and labour to reduce the costs. Also make sure local support is available for whatever device you chose to get.